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Abbotsford Carpet Cleaning

Spotless upholstery that smells fresh

The major downside of upholstered furniture is that they soak up dirt and stain over time. Cleaning them by yourself can get extremely daunting. At Shining Fresh, we offer upholstery cleaning services in Abbotsford that offer superior cleaning without damaging your furniture. Be it leather, fabric or any other type of upholstery, our professionals will handle them all.

Regular cleaning of your furniture will not only keep your premises clean but will also make your furniture last longer. Cleaner upholstery will also keep you and your family healthy, as cleaning removes even the fine particles, dust and fur from your cushion coverings. Our qualified technicians will follow a six-step cleaning process, which will not only remove tough stains but will also leave your upholstery smelling fresh.

Get rid of trapped pollutants in your carpet

It is needless to say how carpet adds to the look of any given place. Luxurious carpets add a touch of sophistication to your home. However, these elegant carpets can also be the major source of various illnesses when they accumulate dust, pollen, animal fur and various other contaminants. Regular cleaning of your carpets will eliminate the health-related risks caused by these allergens trapped in the carpet.

At Shining Fresh, we offer professional carpet cleaning services in Abbotsford that ensure thorough cleaning of your carpet. Our experienced professionals will follow an eight-step process, which starts by inspecting your carpet type to decide the best possible method of carpet cleaning for you. We then carry out individual stain treatment to ensure that your carpet will be left as clean as possible.

Restore your old rugs with proficient rug cleaning services

Rugs are not just another range of decorative artifacts, they are valuable assets, which can be passed from generation to generation. Frequent cleaning of your rugs are required to keep them fresh and make them last longer. Different types of rugs require different types of cleaning practices and chemicals. Hence, it is always important to analyze your rug before finalizing on the cleaning approach.

Regularly cleaning your rugs to keep them fresh and spotless is difficult. At Shining Fresh, we offer Rug cleaning services in Abbotsford with our professionally trained specialists who can clean your rugs without damaging its fiber. We first inspect your rug to understand its condition, size and prior damages on it. Next, we examine the type of fiber, which can include silk, polypropylene, nylon, wool, jute and many more. Identifying the fiber helps us in determining the detergent to be used as well as the method of cleaning to be implemented.

We just don’t look at completing our services on time, we look forward to serve you again and again. Hence, we strive to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. We extend our services in various suburbs and offer commercial carpet cleaning services in Melbourne and rug cleaning services in Kew.

Let us help you clean and restore your upholstery, carpets and rugs by calling us at 0412 646 621. Alternatively, you can write your requirements to shiningfreshs@gmail.com.