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Clifton Hill Carpet Cleaning

Clifton Hill Carpet Cleaning

Restore your old carpet to its original quality and beauty

Whether you want to create a subdued appeal or impart a dazzling look to your space, carpets provide you with huge flooring options. Keeping them clean is necessary to increase your home’s appeal. Our carpet cleaning services in Clifton Hill will not only improve the appearance of your home, it will also extend your carpet’s life. Perhaps, the most valuable advantage of a clean carpet is improved health of your family.

Our carpet cleaning services in Clifton Hill will assist you in cleaning both commercial as well as residential carpets. In order to prevent accidental damage caused during the process of cleaning, we use mild yet effective carpet treatment approaches.

Professional carpet cleaners

Cleaning the carpet yourself might not yield the desired result and leave you exhausted. By using some cleaning solutions bought from nearby stores or working with carpet cleaning rentals might lead to some unintentional damage. Professional carpet cleaning services in Clifton Hill will effectively remove embedded dirt and stubborn stains.

Carpet cleaning that suits your needs

Although we specialize in steam cleaning technique for cleaning carpets, which involves hot water extraction, we will also assist you in dry carpet cleaning, if dry cleaning is your choice. In dry carpet cleaning, we use advanced practices that are safe and suitable for any type of carpet. As less moisture is involved in dry carpet cleaning services, the risk of extreme soaking of your carpet is also eliminated.

Why are our services unique?

We follow an eight step carpet cleaning method to ensure complete cleaning of your carpets leaving them looking clean and smelling fresh. Our eight-step process can be summarized as below:

  1. Pre inspection of your carpet
  2. Pre-vacuuming of your carpets to remove maximum dry soiling and deep dirt
  3. Pre-spraying with the cleaning solution that is best recommended for the type of cleaning required for your carpet
  4. Agitation of the cleaning solution to activate and begin the cleaning process
  5. Individual stain-removal treatment
  6. The chemical solutions are thoroughly rinsed from the carpet and the excess moisture is extracted
  7. The carpet is then dried off with a rotary pad
  8. Your carpet is completely dried using a grooming rake

This exhaustive method leaves your carpet as clean as possible. We also provide services of tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne, stain removal in Melbourne as well as rug cleaning in Melbourne.

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