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Carpet Cleaning Kensington

Kensington Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets for a healthy home

Carpets are beautiful artifacts that increase the appeal of your home or workplace. They add a touch of elegance and sophistry to your place. These decorative pieces can also become a major cause of several ailments when they accumulate a lot of allergens and fine dirt. Various contaminants such as dust, pollen, animal fur and more get trapped in the carpets. Regular maintenance of your carpet is required to keep them looking fresh and make them last for long.

At Shining Fresh, we offer superior services of carpet cleaning in Kensington and Shaggy rug cleaning Kensington that not only clean your carpet but will also restore its original allure. Our technicians are highly experienced and follow an eight-step procedure, which starts by inspecting your carpet. This enables us to use the right approach and cleaning solutions that suit your carpet. We then treat individual stains and leave your carpets as neat as possible.

Restore the poise of your upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture make a significant part of your interior décor and enhance their overall appeal. Although you may try to be very careful around your fancy sofa, spills and accidents will still occur. Cleaning up spills and stains from your sofa is complicated as, while doing so, there are high chances of your sofa fabric getting ruined. Being delicate and valuable, upholstered furniture require professional cleaners.

Our professional services of upholstery cleaning in Kensington have experienced specialists who have handled various types of upholstery fabric and know what works for stains. Be it leather or fabric upholstery, our professionals will clean them all. We follow a highly effective six-step cleaning practice. We first inspect your upholstery to determine the right cleaning procedure and then carry out the same to leave them spotless.

Transforming you rug back to its old glory

At shining fresh, are know that rugs are valuable assets, which can be passed on from generation to generation. However, they require frequent cleaning and restoration to make them last longer. Same chemicals and cleaning practices cannot be applied to every type of rugs. As the make of the rugs keep changing, different materials require different cleaning approaches. Our services of rug cleaning in Kensington ensure that your rugs are cleaned without damaging their fiber.

Extending our services to various suburbs, we also provide other services such as tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne and carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

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